Tips to Earn money from Lost Traffic

Lost traffic is the main issue faced by many App developers which reduces their revenue and a huge part of income. Lost traffic is one which does not get landed on your App store or Google Play store link because of redirections or broken links. This is the biggest issue faced by App developers and today we are going to talk about how you can stop this from happening.

As promotional channels are increasing the tracking and monitoring system for flow of traffic and downloads should also be perfect, If we do not focus on monitoring them properly then we are leaving a huge chunk of money on the Table. But as we said, we have listed some of the points which will help you to understand how you can get lost traffic back and increase your revenue.

How to Recover lost traffic for free

If you are using multiple marketing channels then you have to make sure a few below mentioned things.

1. Avoid Multiple Redirections: You should always direct your traffic straight to the landing page avoiding multiple redirections.

2. Avoid Unwanted Offers: Do not include any offers that are likely to be avoided by your users. Only show genuine offers.

3. Use tools suggested by your advertising partner: Try to use marketing automation tools given by your advertising partner. This will help you to easily automate stuff and monitor if they are worth your time and goals.

Redirect solutions

If you are looking for a worthy tool then AppThis has developed a tool called as SuperLink which will help you to add multiple parameters to your link and smartly redirect your link based on Geo-Locations, Browsers, User Device etc.

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