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How to Get Your App Ranked in The Google Play Store

The best way with which you can make your application successful is by increasing the number of its downloads. For that, it is important that you are aware about every little thing that concerns the place where your application will be up for download, and that place is the Google Play Store. Ranking your newly developed application can look like an extremely big task, especially if you are a new developer in this particular field. Fortunately, for people like you, there are many ways with which you can rank your application on Google Play Store. Let’s take a look at them-

  • Knowing the Perfect Keywords

The best thing which can get your application optimized according to the App Store’s way is the use of keyword. But before we put the keyword anywhere, it is important that we learn how to find the perfect keyword for our application. The criteria that one needs to follow for choosing the best keyword out of all is to look at its relevance in the market, checking its difficulty whilst also looking at the traffic which it generates. All these things are quite important and there must be a balance between them. For checking all this, there are a lot of tools that are available. The best out of the keyword tools is Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner and Moz. While some of these tools are free, some of them require a paid account on the platform. 


  • Use the Keyword in the Title of your App

Your ranking on the Google Play Store will get a sure shot boost if you use keywords in the title of the application. However, it must be remembered that the character limit of your application’s title is only 30 characters, so you will not be able to include more than 3 keywords in your title. So you need to very clever about how you use the keywords. Make a specific format where you put the main title, after which you put a subtitle. The main title can have your best keyword, which you think has the most balance and which will earn you some good traffic. In the subtitle, you can use what we call the ‘supplement keywords’. They will be there so as to make a stronger statement with your app’s title. You can also put the title of your app in capital letters so to put extra emphasis on it.


  • Put the Keywords in the Description of your App

The description box is just like a blog. Here, you will have to put the keywords the way you put in a blog. That makes the Play Store different from the Apple store in a way. You are allowed to put up 4000 characters in your application’s description, so try to put as many keywords as you can. The main keyword, which you put up in the app’s title can be used 4 to 5 times, not more than that. Do not overdo the keywords, as that will do the exact opposite of helping your cause. Also, as it is a description, try and make it aa good as possible. A user who might download your app will not look at the keywords, rather/she will be attracted towards your app by the beauty of its description. So be sure to write a description which appeals to the audience and which has the perfect amount of keywords.

  • Get Feedback for your Application

If you think your application is good, ask your users to rate it 5 star on the Google Play Store. Put a pop-up window for that in the app itself. Ratings are important as most people will directly look at your app’s rating in the Play Store to judge if they should download it or not. So try and maintain a rating which is higher than 4 stars. There are also certain marketplaces where you can buy 5 star ratings for your application, but that will cost you some money. Though if you believe that your application is quite good, then all you need to do is to ask your users to rate it, and you’re done.

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