Best Ways to Optimize Mobile App to Rank Higher In Google Play Store

Developing a mobile application could be almost considered as a cakewalk as for one, its trending and two, more are turning into it. If you’re an app developer and have already is in your way to implementing your ideas, you need to know way more than just developing it. And that way more part is getting your position high in the scales of Google play store. Being one of the most popular platforms to launch your app, let’s see how and what could be done to optimize your mobile app in the best ways to get a higher rank in Google Play Store.

It’s not big trouble if you’re developing an app which belongs to a common niche as long as you’re confident in providing a quality performance to the users. Still, this being an issue you should focus on making it score best ratings in the play store which will in order to score more ranks and clients. So far, no proper algorithms of Google were identified for Mobile App optimization as they have it safe behind their ways. Still, experts under this category have sort of cracked quite some ways to earn your apps some best rating by their own optimizing tricks.

Rate of Usage

Just like SEO, any app’s rating can rocket high if its downloaded count is equally high. So present your app in such a way that it should be catchy and inviting for the users.

Brief your App

Here, we are discussing other important criteria you should take care of. The size of your app. The lesser your app size is, the briefer it will appear to people. Not everyone is anyway interested in downloading heavily sized apps. So design yours in such a way that it could cover up maximum quality and performance with minimum size.

Sell Uniqueness

If you noticed the play store’s contents, you could find that a lot number of apps are introduced into the so-called mammoth app market. Still, only a half of it could be seen actually downloaded by the users. This is because of the app redundancies. If you’re introducing a unique app into the store, then half of your problem is solved in scoring a better ranking.

Make it colorful

You should never compromise in any way when it comes to the design of the app. People are always attracted to your developments if they are ornamented with thrilling and colorful designs. You should also be careful not to make it look messy by detailing a lot. The manta is simple, ‘simple, yet catchy’. Plus you should keep a mysterious touch to your app. The designs should never reveal what you’ve for the users inside your app, thereby arising a curiosity.

Retention Rate

This is another important measurement used when it comes to mobile application optimization in the play store. It is the measurement of the installation time of your app by a specific user. If your app is well performing and is of a unique quality, it’s likely to stay more in one’s device. The more are the time users using your app, the more you’ll be benefitted with ratings.

The ‘Nexts’ of App development

After developing an app, the very next thing you should focus on is its maintenance and updates. You should frequently monitor your app’s performance along with individual user reviews. This will make learning what all could be done for the betterment of reaching user needs. The rate of updates must also be less. If you’re frequently sending updates for your app to your users, there is a high chance of them getting irritated and uninstalling it. Whereas, if you clearly satisfied their required needs via the updates, the ratings of your app will go high in the play store.


App compatibility is another main thing you should focus on. Maybe you’re developing one super cool app. But what is the use if it is not compatible with all the devices? Compatibility simply means that your app should work in all sorts of user devices. Else it will drastically affect your user count and downloads.

Focus on User Reviews, Feedback and Ratings

You should continuously encourage users to review and rate your app. This will let you know how they feel about your app. Also, it shouldn’t be like you’re disturbing your users by asking for reviews frequently. Monitor the review column of your app in the Play Store too to grab some knowledge of your app’s performance in various angles. This will benefit you to cook up a general opinion on what all to be changed in the coming update. Responding to user feedbacks will invite you more ratings. Respond to feedbacks in a proper and quicker manner also by trying to resolve the issues raised in the user feedback report.

Buy Android App Reviews

You can also buy app reviews for your android or ios app to get it good rating and feedback and eventually give some user engagement for your app. Google loves app reviews for an app and if they are good and positive then it eventually helps you to rank higher in play store ranking.


Finally, it’s all about how you present your product. Let it be a mobile app or anything, if you’re about to sell a product of your own, the backbone of marketing lies on advertisings. So try to advertise or present your app in an attractive way. Try attaching video clips of the working of your app or a related presentation of what it is all about. Not forgetting the screenshots. This will help your users to grab a brief knowledge about what they are going to download.

The above and more can save your other ways of trying to explore the optimization part for your mobile application. Google Play Store is a popular mobile application marketing platform, the competition too high. Focus on the above-said steps and it’s not a full stop! You should continue doing all these optimization steps to continue in a better position in play store for it is an ever-evolving platform! Time to rest isn’t for marketers anyway. Hope you’ll reap a lot of benefits with all these Best Ways to Optimize Mobile App to Rank Higher In Google Play Store.

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