Best and working ways to promote your app for free

App development is a new trend and people are developing apps like hell! there are thousands of apps published daily on App store and Google Play store but the biggest issue with this is getting downloads for the app published. There are many ways using which you can easily get downloads for your app and today we are going to discuss such few ways.

As because of the multiple apps on the same niche it’s getting hard for people to rank them and get organic downloads and most of them use paid ads to generate downloads for their app, But its expensive. You have to spend thousands of dollars on both Facebook and Google Campaigns to generate a few hundred downloads.

Below we have listed some ways using which you can get free app downloads for your android or ios applications.

Design Marketing Strategy before Launching the App

Just creating a quality app is not enough nowadays if you don’t have any promotional strategy. You should have a marketing plan ready before launching your app so that when it launched you will get a good number of downloads.

The best marketing way is to try and get free app downloads from organic users by promoting your app with the help of free press-release sites or youtube content creators. The app promotional strategy is as important as designing the perfect UI.

2. Use Free app Submission sites

There are many App listing sites available online which you can use for free to submit your app and get some genuine and free downloads. Basically, These sites fetch the Google Play Store and App Store to get data of the latest Added apps and add them to their website.

Many people do visit these sites to check for new and trending apps in the respective categories. You can also use their paid plan to promote your app on these websites. This paid plans generally cost less money then you will spend on paid advertising on Facebook and Adwords.

3. Use Social Networking sites

Do not forget the power of social media. All the current businesses are promoted only on Facebook and Twitter after their initial launch. This technique is best to get some quality and quick boost to your business. With the help of this platforms you can easily get some quality installs and customers.

If your concept is new or the app is unique which provides more features and benefits that your competitor does then, Your app can easily get viral on social media in your niche. And if you have some money for promotions on this networks then you can also try out difference audiences to see which fits best for you.

4. Use free article submission sites or blogs.

You can use this technique to reach wider audience and get some quality installs along with good media outreach.You will have to contact individual blog owners and tell them that you want to write an article about some topic related to their website which will provide value to their users and also the article will be a well SEO-Optimized article. If you are able to contact 40-50 people and even if 20 People accepts your request then also it will be a win-win situation for you. Also using this technique you are generating some quality backlinks for your app.

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