Android App Reviews

Android has become one of the widely used operating systems and all major smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, Xiomi, OnePlus etc has their Mobiles based on Android Operating System. The Android operating system is free to use and Open source. and we have seemed people developing so many apps for this operating system.

There are more than 4 Million Applications on Google Play Store and the numbers are increasing Drastically. There are thousands of Apps Uploaded on daily basis on Play Store and having a Decent app is not enough.

Today, Just Developing a Great Looking app with a handful of features and doing something out of the box than your competitors is not enough. You should also have some mediums to promote your app in order to generate some downloads organically or paid and earn from the App you have developed.

Android has all types of Apps in its directory as you might think that you have got a new idea but when you check that on Play store you will probably find 10-20 Apps using the exact similar idea and having some decent installs and users.

Without a strong Promotional strategy, your app is going to fail miserably. There are many different ways to promote your app. But again the problem is getting genuine downloads. For example, if you have a Matrimonial app and you advertise it on Facebook, You might generate some downloads but how many of them are really interested in marriage or willing to pay you money to get their profile on your app. Now imagine having an App ranked in Top 3 positions and someone searches for that app in Google Play store and installs your app. The person who is searching for the app is actually thinking of getting married and is your genuine user who found your app organically. And now here comes the App ranking Game in play and Today we Are going to tell you how Buy App reviews can help you to get your ranking improved in Google Play store and generate some Quality downloads for you.

How does Buy Android App Reviews Service Works?

Every Search engine has developed an algorithm for ranking apps in their respective search engines. This algorithm works on some factors which are considered while ranking an app. This factors should be considered and taken care by individual App Developer while submitting App. This factors will help you to improve the ranking of your application and get your app visible in the Google Play Store or App Store and here come the App Reviews part in the play.

App reviews are considered among these factors and are also one of the most important factors, It might be positive or negative reviews but one should maintain the ratio. The positive app reviews will help you significantly to rank your app for the given search queries.

Paid Promotion Vs organic Downloads, What is Suitable?

There are many App Developers and App development agencies which opt-in for Paid promotions and it is considered as the easiest way to get some Downloads for the app, But the point is how much sustainable is this? How can you Make most out of it and How much money one should spend to get targetted App installs.

The main issue with Paid promotions is that you have to burn a lot of money as there is high competition in every niche and anytime if you stop the promotional campaigns then your downloads will stop, so the best way to get downloads from organic traffic. And the most common organic way to get downloads is by ranking your app in the Google Play Store or App Store.

Does App Reviews Really help in Ranking an app?

The App reviews is a positive signal for the App ranking algorithm that indicates that the app is being liked by the users and they are giving a positive response. This shows that the app is worthy and should be available to a large audience.

Even search Engines wants to provide valuable content to their users and thus getting positive app reviews would definitely work in the app developers favor in order to gain some good ranking.